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Sunset over the Sea
Harlean Palfrey
Sunset over the Sea

Melancholic Adventure on the Indie Highway.


I am an Independent Artist Pop Rock, crafting bilingual stories untold. 

Through my music, I share my deepest thoughts,

painting pictures in sound, connecting the dots.

My voice reaches by now far and wide, singing songs of love, hope, and the wild side.

As a creative Indie, I pave my own way,

embracing daily challenges, come what may.


Since starting out solo in the midst of chaos during pandemic 2020 with her debut releases of Single Oceanblue dedicated to the Galway Races, EP Kiss and album Twists of L which was recorded at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin, Ireland the bilingual (English/German) Pop Rock Artist steadily developed her craft of songwriting to create an own catalogue. 

The Independent Songstress actively collaborates internationally within the music industry on her emerging Spotify Playlist, The Pop Rock Club on which she features well-selected fellow Independent- and Record Label Artists alike.

2024 marks a new chapter as HARLEAN PALFREY continues releasing new music. 

Harlean Palfrey
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What Listeners Think

Daniela, professionally known as Harlean Palfrey, contacted me in early October 2019 in relation to an EP of original tracks that she wanted to record and I have to say that from start to finish she was an exceptional person to work with. Firstly, she is extremely organised and gave me specific dates that she wanted to record on. I wasn’t available for one of them, but she was flexible and we agreed on another date.


On analysing the songs and hearing a bit about the background behind the songs, I learned that these were quite personal songs. I regard vulnerability as true strength and was surprised at the way Daniela so easily got out of the way of the songs and took direction. She was able to take any suggestion to help improve convey the message of the song, which helped to make them truly great! She has an amazingly beautiful rich Alto voice too!


Overall, I would have no hesitation in recommending working with Daniela alias Harlean Palfrey.  

Her willingness to learn from others and work to make the project the very best it can be is model that all artists should follow.

I hope to work with her again in the near future.


Pete Duffy


The Dreams Loft


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